UMS Water Audit & Consultancy


Receive a complete Water Auditor’s Report with recommendations and calls to action.

Return on Investment

Analyse your Payback Period to help you determine most profitable water efficiency initiatives.

Onsite Inspection

Review efficiency of every water using device on premises


Analyse data to determine trends and develop appropriate management strategies.

Water bills too high? Using too much water? Do you suspect a leak? Do you have a gut feeling things can be done better?

Let us work with you

  • Understand where, when and how water is used
  • Calculate how much water you can save
  • Provide water and cost saving recommendations
  • Provide cost estimates from a registered plumber
  • Determine pay back periods
  • Determine a strategy for ongoing water efficient practices
  • Implement plan to achieve savings

We review every aspect of water use, including:

  • Toilets, showers, taps
  • Cooling towers
  • Kitchens
  • Bores
  • Fire Systems
  • Reticulation

Need a Water Audit?

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